NANDIKA8 preparations are real LIVE FOOD for every cell in the body, for all people and in all stages of life. Those are 100% natural extract of wild herbs, medicinal mushrooms, fruits and vegetables, and combines knowledge with the latest findings in pharmacy, herbalism, Western medicine, quantum physics with millennial discoveries of alchemists from Persia and traditional Eastern healing approaches and with confidential recipes of Dean Ivan Mozetic, a teacher of the famous Slovenian herbalist Father Asic.


 NANDIKA8 are unique, top-quality natural nutritional preparations that have been processed with a special procedure of quantum live food information. Those contains unique and rich proportions of medicinal ingredients, flavours and nutrients unmatched by any other combination in the world, designed for comprehensively support and promote physical and mental health, promote self-healing of the organism and raise the overall level of vitality.


With regular consumption of NANDIKA8 products rises the vibration in the body at the cellular level in all organs. This improves physical, mental and intellectual abilities and makes it easier to maintain optimal fitness in the body, that also improves the resistance to stress and contributes to a long-term well-being. The energy affect on states in the human body has been confirmed by scientific study research from the BION Institute! 


Dušan-Portatis Kovač

is a researcher, innovator, eternal student, great admirer and worshiper of nature, he is a modern alchemist.

At the height of his career as a professional chef and certified herbalist, he embarked on an interesting journey through India and learned the teachings of Ayurvedic medicine. He united his culinary and herbalism expertise with new insights into health and nature, and a new path began for him.

Dušan is glad to share his rich experience, knowledge and work results with everyone who wants to improve their health, general well-being or achieve the set goals in any way. You can found more information at this link.

Dušan followed a simple but extremely demanding idea written by the father of medicine, Hippocrates: “let food be your medicine and medicine your food”. 

He is the first and only in the world to combine so-called medicinal mushrooms, herbs and spices from the East, indigenous Mediterranean herbs and “wild” fruits from nature, into unique, 100% natural preparations, rich in active substances and nutrients, which effectively affect the physical and mental functions of the user. 



  • We provide unique, 100% natural nutritional preparations that have been processed with a special procedure of quantum live food information. The energy effect on the body is also confirmed by scientific research and a certificate from the BION Institute!

  • We advise people on how to maintain the highest vitality in their body (life energy and youth), how to achieve the set goals more easily and how to recover faster. Our advices are gratefully followed by many sports, intellectually and business-active individuals.

  • We want to help as many people as possible to increase the frequency in the body at the cellular level in all organs by regularly consuming NANDIKA8 products, so they can improve their physical, mental and intellectual abilities, and maintaining optimal body condition and resistance to stress.


Nandika Limited is a company engaged in the development, marketing, and sale of 100% natural products designed:

  • for strengtheninghealth and the immune system for humans and domestic animals,
  • for support and maintenance of optimal balance of nutrients and energy in the body,
  • for regenerationof the body and for increase vitality during and after illness, injury, ordemanding therapy.
Miron glass


  • We combine ancient knowledge with the latest findings in the fields of pharmacy, herbalism, quantum physics, complementary medicine, and traditional Eastern therapy.
  • We have and we promote in-depth holistic knowledge, nature-friendly consumption and production, up-to-date assistance and personalized customer support. 
  • We use only high-quality 100 % natural ingredients and materials as are aware of the simultaneous connection of all living with all creation.