AYURVEDA GOURMET SALT is unprocessed salt and salt flower from the Secovlje Salt pans (Slovenia), and is rich in minerals and microelements from the Adriatic Sea, which have a particularly beneficial effect on the well-being and function of digestion. With the addition of carefully selected herbs and spices, this unique blend gives us all 6 flavors at the same time: bitter, sour, salty, burning, sweet, and tart. All these flavors regulate the energy in the body and promote its proper circulation and balance, which ensures the harmonious functioning of all organs.

AYURVEDA SALT – salt with herbs and spices

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  • What it contains

    A rich taste of more than 20 herbs and spices with added characteristic Asian spices, which have a particularly beneficial effect on our body and the proper functioning of our organs. It also contains natural vitamins.


    unprocessed salt (70 %), mixture of herbs and spices (30 %): turmeric, ginger, garlic, basil, marjoram, cloves, cardamom, carrots, coriander, caraway, lovage, nutmeg, oregano, parsley, common nettle, amla, pimenta, leek, rosemary, celery, safflower, cayenne pepper, black pepper.