Lozenges for cells, hormones and glands are a 100% natural dietary supplement. They help with hormonal problems such as menstrual or menopausal problems, prostate and andropause problems, thyroid problems, adrenal glands, and other hormone-related problems. The natural combination of extracts of medicinal herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, medicinal mushrooms and honey helps balance the hormonal system, improves glandular function and supports cell health.

CELLS, HORMONES & GLANDS – herbal preparation in lozenges 60g

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  • What it contains

    Guggul has significant antioxidant properties. Helps maintain comfort of menstrual function. Supports the health of the prostate gland.

    Turmeric supports the functioning of the nervous system.

    Maca supports physical and mental performance.

    Shatavari supports both male and female reproductive functions.

    Ingredients:  in the recommended daily dose (4 lozenges):

    Honey 1200 mg, Guggul 151 mg, Turmeric 151 mg, Maca 151 mg, Shatavari 93 mg, Bee pollen 83 mg, Reishi 83 mg, Chaga 22 mg, Hericium 22 mg, Shiitake 22 mg, Poria Cocos 22 mg.