FIFTH DIMENSION herbal preparation in powder is a 100% natural dietary supplement that helps in better vital health and youthful appearance of the skin. It is intended for everyone who cares about their health, vitality and beauty. It contributes to well-being, beautiful skin appearance and optimal cognitive activity. It has a positive effect on the balance in the body due to a special mixture of selected herbs and medicinal mushrooms. Only these ensure the optimal functioning of all active organs, including the skin.

FIFTH DIMENSION – herbal preparation in powder 200g

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  • What it contains:

    Cinnamon helps to increase mental and physical capacity and strengthen the body.

    Amla supports gastrointestinal health and contributes to physical well-being.

    Common nettle helps to maintain heart health and supports body vitality.

    Meadowsweet supports the health of respiratory tract and skin health and supports the normal synthesis of connective tissues. It also works against stress.

    Peppermint supports the immune system and contributes to optimal relaxation.

    Ingredients: in the recommended daily dose (1 small teaspoon /1g):

    Cinnamon 286 mg, Amla 286 mg, Common nettle 190 mg, Barley grass 171 mg, Basil 171 mg, Oregano 171 mg, Turmeric 171 mg, Meadowsweet 143 mg, Peppermint 104 mg, Lungwort root 66 mg, Cacao 47 mg, Moringa 47 mg, Purple coneflower 47 mg, Maca 38 mg, and ingredients of 12 mg each: Chaga, Hericium, Reishi, Poria cocos, Shitake.