Cardiovascular lozenges are a 100% natural dietary supplement. They help with problems with the cardiovascular system, such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and heart failure. They have a positive effect on the functioning of the heart, blood circulation throughout the body and the flow and elasticity of blood vessels. The natural combination of extracts of medicinal herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, medicinal mushrooms and honey also has a strengthening effect on the immune system and supports the health of the whole body.

HEART & VASCULAR SYSTEM – herbal preparation in lozenges 60g

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  • What it contains:

    Arjuna supports the health of the heart and helps to maintain heart function.

    Horsetail maintains the elasticity of arteries and furnishes oxygenated blood to the myocardium.

    Roseroot has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

    Ingredients: in the recommended daily dose (4 lozenges):

    Honey 1200 mg, Arjuna 134 mg, Horsetail 134 mg, Roseroot 134 mg, Guggul 96 mg, Shatavari 96 mg, Burra Pokhara 48 mg, Reishi 48 mg, Chaga 22 mg, Hericium 22 mg, Shiitake 22 mg, Poria Cocos 22 mg, Cacao 22 mg.